3 reasons your B2B brand should consider using Snapchat

Think the platform is just for teens? Think again.

An abbreviated version of this post appeared in the January 28 edition of PRWeek.

What do more than 100 million daily active users, major consumer brands and even presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders have in common? They all use Snapchat to communicate, engage and stay connected. Is your B2B brand harnessing the platform’s storytelling power?

While it’s true Snapchat’s current user base skews young and female, its explosive growth can’t be ignored. As the platform gains popularity, its audience will diversify. And, with a hinted-at IPO, Snapchat will have to find ways to connect with a broader demographic in order to keep investors happy – which means even if your target audience isn’t “snapping” today, they…

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The 5 Hottest Trends in SEO for 2016

2015 was a big year for SEO as Google announced new rules and implemented top-secret algorithms.  2016 will prove to be just as dramatic as the pressure mounts for sites to be more agile, safe and credible.  Dix & Eaton’s Senior Advisor and SEO specialist, Linda Nawrocki, offered us her perspective on what’s hot… and what’s not – and this list of the top trends for 2016.

1) Mobile Madness

Last year, the total number of Google searches on mobile devices surpassed those on desktops.  Not long after, Google announced mobile as a search priority, and that it would penalize the ranking of websites that weren’t optimized for mobile devices. This announcement caused a flurry of new websites to appear with responsive design and the now-ubiquitous scrolling screens.  This…

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Ruling may make plaintiffs’ attorneys think twice

The recent ruling by retired Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Burt Griffin is a victory for any defendant who has been victimized by the plaintiffs’ bar’s use of the media to inappropriately influence the course of active litigation. Despite howls from plaintiffs’ attorneys about how this ruling subverts First Amendment rights and free speech, this practice is exceedingly common and has nothing to do with something as noble as the “public’s right to know.” It’s all about influencing the outcome of a potential trial or settlement negotiations, which of course is about money, which is primarly what the plaintiffs’ bar is after.

Not unlike filing a defamatory and frivolous lawsuit in the first place, plaintiffs’ attorneys commonly take the extra step to seed with…

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CSR and sustainability communications: Start here

For all of the growing interest in CSR and sustainability communications and reporting, one of the most commonly asked questions is still, “Where do we start?” The easy, wisecrack answer is, “At the beginning, of course.”

For many organizations, the right, practical answer should be, “Wherever you are.”

For example, if you know your organization is involved in sustainability- and CSR-related activities but no one is coordinating and communicating them, the place to start is probably with an internal inventory of what is currently happening. If you’re wondering what your peers or competitors are doing – or if your biggest customer keeps asking what you’re doing to keep up with the state of the art – then an evaluation of current practices, at the good, better, best…

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The Enduring Power of the Earnings Report

How important are quarterly earnings releases and conference calls in an era of abundant information and nanosecond trading?  Very important, according to a recent study co-authored by Stanford professor Maureen McNichols. The study found that even in today’s environment, the earnings report and conference call not only have the ability to move markets (“during the three days surrounding quarterly reports, share prices are four times as likely to have big moves as they typically do”) but also can serve as indicators of how stocks will continue to move in the months ahead. 

Jeff Sommer of The New York Times also recently stated in an article that earnings reports can still move markets and traditional metrics still matter, especially when investors are looking for a…

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