The 5 essential levels of B2B influencer marketing

News Flash!  Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C brands.  But B2B influencer marketing is more involved than you might think.  While Gucci can easily send a free handbag to a popular fashion blogger, it’s hard to send samples of chemical compounds, high-end fittings or fabric roofs.  Yet, all B2B companies have influencers and a number of new tools at their disposal to reach them.  The trick is identifying who they are and engaging them properly.

Influencer Marketing

There are lots of definitions, but I like this one from Lee Odden:  “Influencer marketing is the practice of engaging and collaborating with internal and industry experts that have active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.”  Influencers have been around forever, right?  A potter…

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Super Bowl ad and gender pay equity: does Audi walk the walk on gender diversity?

There’s no question that Audi’s Super Bowl ad featuring a gender pay equity message was bold.

If you haven’t seen it, the ad features a father pondering how to explain to his (race car driving) daughter that women are worth less in the workplace than men.

Taking on such a politically charged issue in such a politically charged time was an interesting choice for the luxury car company, and it’s certainly generated plenty of attention. But whether you praise the ad’s message or consider it a fail, perhaps the big question is: does Audi walk the walk?

It’s hard to rate the company’s performance on pay equity since it doesn’t disclose its pay structure (most companies do not). But it’s commitment and progress in the area of diversity and inclusion (D&I) are a telling…

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Preparing for the Trump Twitter storm

While Twitter itself may be saved by President Trump’s frequent use, some companies have growing concerns about how his Tweets could negatively impact their business. Preparing a contingency plan to help guide responses and actions following a Trump Twitter targeting is now a reality nearly every organization must face.

Here’s a few tips:

Face the reality. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. It’s happened to individuals and companies of all sizes. It can have a significant impact, even across an entire industry: Airline stocks fell 29 percent after the Executive Order on immigration.

Ask some hard questions. In what situations would you take a stand against negative commentary targeting your company? How would you do it without making the situation…

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6 steps for IR under the new Trump trade paradigm

President Trump’s campaign promise to recast America’s international trade relations in an aggressively protectionist mold has prompted many public companies to add new risk factors to their regulatory filings—and probably some new talking points for discussions with analysts and investors.

The president wasted no time in withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), scheduling meetings to begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and slamming Mexico, China, Japan and Germany for their trade and currency practices.

Although major business and agricultural groups had lobbied to salvage the TPP and warned about the dangers of withdrawing from NAFTA, Trump brushed aside these concerns along with 200 years of economic…

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