Have you met your 2015 B2B social media resolutions?

It’s hard to believe the last quarter of 2015 is already upon us. That probably means you’ve either met most of your annual goals or are worrying about what you can do to make an impact before the end of the year.

If you’re like many of the B2B marketers I talk to, social media was probably on your 2015 “to-do” list. But your best intentions to make meaningful progress in this area may have been relegated to the back-burner by that product launch, that sales force realignment or that [insert surprise initiative here].

It’s not too late

If you find yourself in that boat, it’s not too late. Here are two ideas you can implement before the end of the year to show meaningful progress on the social media front – and set you up for success in 2016.

  • Develop a social…
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3 Shocking Take-Aways from Content Marketing World 2015

Content Marketing World, the globe’s foremost conference on content marketing, took place September 8-11 in Cleveland.  There were hundreds of great sessions on everything from storytelling to SEO, from infographics to improvisation.  For me, three sessions stood out – not because they fit the mold, but because their messages were counterintuitive and iconoclastic.  Here are the three themes that made me think the most:

  1. We don’t need any more content marketers
  2. Put your worst foot forward
  3. Don’t try to maximize your social media reach

Let’s explore each to understand what’s behind these provocative headlines.

1) We Don’t Need Any More Content Marketers

Jay Baer, author of Youtility, came up with this gem.  According to Baer, we have enough content…

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BMW CEO Harald Krueger, meet that master psychiatrist, Frank Sinatra

4 tips for recovering after a stumble in the spotlight

Harald Krueger, chief executive officer of BMW for just a few months, fainted during a press conference to introduce new car models at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Reports indicate he is recovering.

Was it pressure at his first major appearance and at one of the most prestigious events in the industry?

Was it, as apparently suggested by a company spokesperson, the result of a frenetic travel schedule?

Certainly it is important to know what caused the dizziness to make sure it does not happen again.

But what he does then is critically important to make sure that one very real stumble does not define him as a leader for the rest of his life.

Because the media will keep this story alive for as long as possible –…

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The 4 keys to great content audits

Everyone’s looking for the secret to unlocking better content marketing as though it were the Da Vinci Code. Many marketers are quick to jump to the content itself, but it’s often the preparation for content creation that can make the biggest difference.  Identifying gaps and deficiencies in current content will ensure new content is correctly targeted, easier to write and more effective. 

The best place to begin is with a content audit, in which you assess your own marketing materials as well as those of competitors.  There are four keys – four C’s, actually – to making this review process more effective:

Key #1:  Collect

What materials should be audited?  If you think all you need to assess are just a few blog posts, white papers and case studies, think again. …

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Jimmy Fallon, Joe Pulizzi & Your B2B Content Marketing Program

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about why I think Jimmy Fallon is a content marketing genius. But the truth is, very few of us would probably even know what content marketing is if it weren’t for Content Marketing Institute founder and evangelist Joe Pulizzi. Joe and his team have helped thousands of marketers and communicators understand, build and harness the power of content marketing within their organizations.

This year, Dix & Eaton is proud to be a small part of CMI’s story as sponsor of the B2B track at the upcoming Content Marketing World conference. While we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, our roots in the B2B space go back all the way to our founding some 60-plus years ago. That’s why we were so excited to learn about the…

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