7 tips for making the most of your analyst/investor day

Companies have been hosting analyst days for forever. While they have certainly evolved over the years, the premise – and promise – of these company-hosted events remains the same: the opportunity to tell your company’s story directly to a room full of key investors and analysts.  

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sure. But our experience with our clients indicates that companies are looking for ways to get more of out their event. After all, a lot of work goes into making analyst days happen. The chance to be in front of such key people all at once is worth the extra effort.

‘Tis the season for analyst days, so here are a few tips for making the most of yours:

1) Reconsider the “day.”

Many companies are moving away from an all-day or even half-day event to…

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You Can Stand Under My (Brand) Umbrella: 5 Ways Your Parent Company Website Can Work Harder

Before joining Dix & Eaton recently, I worked for a corporation with an array of brands under its umbrella. Through an acquisition, the organization had grown from about eight brands to around 15, and the question came up – should we push the “master brand,” or parent company, now that the company is a powerhouse of brands?

I think the answer should be “yes” for B2C and B2B companies alike.

With industries consolidating and companies acquiring competing businesses and brands, it can be challenging to keep all of the product brands top-of-mind. Promoting the master brand, or parent company, can help build brand awareness and loyalty to key stakeholders, including:

  • Analysts and Media: Recognizing all of the brands that fall within the public company can assist…
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Communicating to employees about Ebola

Some clients have asked for our view of what they should be communicating to their employees regarding the Ebola situation in the wake of the news of the nurse who traveled to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport while apparently carrying the disease. Given that virtually all public health experts say there is an extremely remote chance of additional exposure or infections as a result of her visit here, our recommendation to clients is to take a reactive stance but be ready to refer employees to available online or other resources to answer their questions. If an organization instead wishes to proactively offer this information, we developed the below language to provide via email or employee intranet. For organizations that did have employees traveling on the…

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Infectious disease – coming to a hospital near you?

While the “ER” has been glamorized over the years by too many television dramas to count, the emergency room also is the front line of health care in both large cities and small towns. But a new plot twist has now arrived, in the form of lots of unwanted scrutiny for a Dallas-area hospital for its unasked-for role in the Ebola panic in the United States.

If we believe what’s on TV, maybe it’s not so hard to believe a patient who just arrived from West Africa with a fever and flu-like symptoms could actually be treated and released despite 24-hour media coverage of Ebola. Emergency rooms are chaotic and short-staffed, right? But now that a nurse who treated the now-deceased patient has tested positive for Ebola, what is clear is that some (and arguably many)…

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