Using Analytics to Measure Your CEO’s Influence – Part One

CEOs represent many things to an organization. They provide leadership, and they are often the face and voice of the company. They communicate the company’s key messages to a variety of audiences and serve as thought leaders in their respective industry. With one person holding so much clout for your company, how can you effectively measure his/her influence and positioning in the marketplace?

One place to start is with an executive positioning audit. This includes assessing and analyzing media coverage, social media and other activities to measure how your CEO, or other executives or subject matter experts, are represented in the marketplace.

There are a number of instances when you may consider an executive positioning audit. Perhaps you are developing a thought…

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Lessons from the United Airlines leadership crisis

In some ways, the situation United is facing – it’s newly appointed CEO had a heart attack shortly into the job after the previous CEO left abruptly following a scandal – is unique. However, this should be a wakeup call for all companies that the unexpected can happen. And, your company’s leadership – and by extension, its succession planning – are key topics that matter to your investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

In my opinion, the company fumbled nearly all aspects of its response from both a communications and corporate governance perspective – in that they did not control their message, but rather allowed it to be controlled by others. While these situations can be highly emotional, United’s slow response left an unfortunate vacuum of…

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Instagram and your brand: a picture is worth a thousand data points

This post originally appeared in the October 19 edition of PR News. To read more about Lisa’s thoughts about using data and analytics to build your personal social media brand, click here and here.

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is that Instagram picture you just posted worth to your brand – whether it’s your personal or corporate account?

One way to determine how your content resonates with followers is to use an analytics tool to help audit the content you’re sharing, determine the level of engagement you’re driving and optimize future posts. With communications becoming increasingly more visual, making the most of a social media platform built around imagery is a must for any communications pro.

While Instagram itself doesn’t…

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#worstauntever hung out to dry

When I saw the headline about the aunt who sued her nephew because he broke her arm in a freak accident, I wondered how that lawsuit made any sense from a publicity perspective. Surely she talked about it with her lawyers in advance and realized the possibility that if picked up by media, a story like that would portray her in a very bad light.

In our current media environment, which operates on instant access, shotgun-fast reactions and opinions, thinking through in advance how something can become viral and have real consequences in the aftermath is incredibly important. And sure enough, we now have #worstauntever as evidence this lawsuit – and the quick defeat at a jury trial – may not have been the best idea.

Initially, #worstauntever Jennifer Connell did not…

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3 counterintuitive lessons from 3 marketing legends

I recently had an opportunity to see three of the planet’s most amazing marketers – in the same place and in succession.  The morning session of the Fuel Cleveland 2015 event started off with Guy Kawasaki, insightful former chief evangelist for Apple, led into Jeff Hayzlett, high-energy author and host of C-Suite TV, and finished with Seth Godin, inspiring author and the world’s most-read blogger.  While their talks were very different, a few interesting themes emerged.  Each of them encouraged vision, boldness and purpose.  But they also agreed on three key points, all of which seem to go against traditional convention and what we may have been taught.  Here’s what they had to say:

1) Whatever you sell has to be both unique and valuable

If you ask Harvard’s…

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