Two ‘game changers’ for investor-driven sustainability reporting

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR)/sustainability reporting becoming an expected, almost mandatory activity for large public companies? The momentum seems to be heading in that direction, with a strong push from a vocal and growing segment of the institutional investor community. 

For the last decade, even as many large companies embarked on major CSR/sustainability reporting endeavors, the investment community has consistently ranked as one of the least interested stakeholder groups. Until very recently, at least. 

Socially responsible investors, stock exchanges, regulators and legislators are now driving a heightened level of interest. It’s still more pronounced in Europe, but it may be coming to an area, and a stock exchange, near you.

Last week, the…

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A new fare class – wheel well seating

The stunning tale of a 16-year old boy who managed to sneak onto a busy airport field, climb into a wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 bound for Maui and, against all odds, survive the five-and-a-half-hour flight made me simply shake my head in wonder. So many things had to go right for him to survive, and so many things had to go wrong for him to even get into the plane in the first place.

Airport security is an understandably high priority in the terrorist age we live in. So how could this kid get onto the field and into the wheel well at an active airport? You can bet the Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI are asking the folks in charge of security at San Jose's Mineta International Airport that very question. It’s also a question airports…

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Ohio Report on Earthquakes Hits Shale Gas Industry

For some time, the burgeoning Ohio oil and gas industry has enjoyed a largely positive public perception. On Friday, regulators in Columbus issued an announcement that created a mounting communications crisis and could alter public support.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) said it had found a “probable connection” between the drilling activity or “fracking” of Hilcorp Energy Co. and a series of earthquakes that occurred in Mahoning County’s Poland Township in March.

ODNR halted drilling within a three-mile radius of the epicenter of the quakes. Regulators said firms active in the Utica Shale formation, which runs under Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, must install seismic monitors if they drill within three miles of a known fault. They also…

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Six strategies for more effective earnings disclosures

As the first-quarter earnings season gets underway, now is a great time to assess whether your company is communicating as effectively as it can with its earnings disclosures. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1) Provide supplemental financial information

Are you spending hours on follow-up calls with analysts who are all asking for the same data points needed for their models? If so, you may want to provide additional financial data within your earnings release or as a supplemental disclosure on your website. For example, LinkedIn posts a document called Selected Company Metrics and Financials along with its earnings release. This could help you not only improve the quality of your callback discussions, but also mitigate the disclosure risk during these…

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The five W’s of building a personal social media brand for business

I have a lot of conversations with clients, prospects and colleagues about how they can more effectively use their personal social media accounts for business purposes. Oftentimes, those same people are charged with owning the social media accounts for their organizations. They spend a lot of time thinking about strategy and execution around their company’s brand, but spend virtually no time thinking about how to maximize the impact of their personal social media brand, particularly in the context of how it can help them professionally.

Think about the FIVE W’s as you formulate your personal social media brand for business:

  • Who – Who are you trying to reach? Or trying to influence? It’s important to know who your desired audience is in order to share content…
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