Owens Corning

Telling a compelling story through a corporate sustainability report.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Owens Corning, a recognized world leader in sustainability progress, has regularly published a data-rich corporate sustainability report. The opportunity was to imagine, write, design and deliver a report that maximized the impact of the data, and also had a strong strategic context and engaging success stories.


Storytelling is a powerful tool for building stakeholder and employee engagement. With Dix & Eaton’s help, by applying the tools of storytelling – both visual and verbal – Owens Corning could more effectively communicate the breadth and depth of its sustainability efforts.


  • Interviews and workshops help provide concept development, data collection and proof points for the comprehensive report
  • Our team works in collaboration with Owens Corning to develop the sustainability report strategy and then provides full-service support in copy, design and production


  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, Comprehensive sustainability report (produced annually) communicates Owens Corning’s sustainability efforts in both analytical and warm/human terms
  • Effective brand storytelling, through authentic messaging and photography, engages Owens Corning’s employees, customers, investors, communities and other stakeholders around the world

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Managing Director

Gregg LaBar

Senior Account Executive

Angela Almasy

Graphic Designer

Devin O’Neill
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