Tom Wells

Digital Media Manager

PHONE: 216-241-2149

With over six years of ad-tech experience as a researcher, media buyer, seller and everything in between, Tom joined Dix & Eaton in 2019 to augment Dix & Eaton’s digital and analytical capabilities. He specializes in data analysis and reporting to help turn campaign performance metrics into actionable insights. As digital media manager, Tom helps clients wring the most value from their communication investments while gleaning audience insights to improve future efforts.

Tom’s experience spans across healthcare, B2B, retail, travel and telecom, giving him a broad knowledge base to draw on when building and executing client media plans. His data-first approach to planning and research ensure that plans perform as expected, while leaving room for experimentation and iteration. Tom is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication.

Specializes in:

  • Research & data collection strategy
  • Metrics measurement and reporting
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Project Management


  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Cleveland Indians Baseball!