by D&E Staff

July 15, 2016

Snapshots from downtown is a brief roundup of what the D&E team is seeing, hearing and doing leading up to and during the Republican National Convention. For all posts like this, click here.

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016

8:00 a.m.: Media spotted taking advantage of the beautiful morning on the grassy rooftop of the Convention Center. What an ideal location for capturing views of downtown and the lakefront! Although it appears to be quiet now, the buzz of people will ramp up toward the afternoon and into the evening.

– Annie Ames

Noon: It’s getting real, folks.  Many more people, many more cars and trucks, helicopters and security personnel are all present in the RNC zone today.  CNN is raising the bar, so to speak, by converting the entire Harry Buffalo building into the “CNN Grill,”  complete with a sign on the roof and stars on the front.  The fencing for the inner security zone is starting to go up, so very soon the big welcome signs on The Q will be directed only to those with the right badge to get through.  Also spotted:  motorcycle with rider sporting a “Bikers for Trump” T-shirt.  Weather looks good for the weekend with rain in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday.

–Dave Loomis

1:30 p.m.: The Host Committee and Destination Cleveland have launched their Social Media Command Center, where a team of staff and volunteers will track and monitor social media conversations. In addition, the organizations are using #AskCLE to help visitors seeking a timely response to questions about events, attractions and hot spots while in town for the RNC.

The team will also be tasked with producing and publishing content across a variety of social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Periscope and Pinterest. Additionally, public-facing monitors outside the command center will showcase ongoing convention conversation.

#AskCLE will be promoted through a paid social media campaign, as well as signage around the city. Beverage coasters in downtown bars and restaurants will also help spread the word to the 50,000-plus visitors in town. Follow @2016CLE and @TheCLE on Twitter to stay tuned to the action. And if you have a question about Cleveland, #AskCLE!

– Angela Almasy