by D&E Staff

July 14, 2016

Snapshots from downtown is a brief roundup of what the D&E team is seeing, hearing and doing leading up to and during the Republican National Convention. For all posts like this, click here.


Noon: Nearly a month ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals and brought home a championship. Plenty of evidence is still visible, including the “ALL IN” slogan stamped on the sidewalks along East 4th Street. Today, the narrow street is still bustling with foot traffic and anticipation, but for a different reason.

With less than four days until the Republican National Convention, Bloomberg Politics has started to transform Zack Bruell’s restaurant, Chinato, into its temporary home for the next week. Signs are going up on the restaurant windows, and surely even more change is happening indoors. As the signs suggest, you can follow @bpolitics on Twitter so stay up-to-date on what’s happening next week and throughout the election season.

– Angela Almasy

Noon: Lunchtime in the RNC zone was even busier today with more trucks, people and action on the streets.  Tall black chain-link fencing has been erected along East 9th Street, marking one perimeter of the outer security zone and stacks of additional fencing sit on sidewalks all over the area awaiting installation. Reporters are on corners capturing man-in the-street interviews.  Cleveland’s street staff, wearing shirts saying “ambassador” were seen watering the newly stocked flower planters.  The city looks clean and colorful!

– Dave Loomis

1 p.m.: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s exhibit Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics highlights how rock and roll has become an inspirational force for politics and social movements. It’s an interesting lens through which to view the RNC.

From anti-war protests and humanitarian fundraising concerts, such as Live Aid and the Global Citizens Festival, to presidential campaign songs and LGBT rights anthems, the Louder Than Words exhibit portrays how musicians have effected change politically and culturally throughout the decades.

Guests can see the guitar Jimi Hendrix used to play the national anthem, Bob Dylan’s handwritten lyrics to “The Times They Are A Changin’,” the Village People’s costumes and more.

The Rock Hall is a Dix & Eaton client. Check out the Rock Hall on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat (@rockhalloffame) to learn more about the exhibit.

– Megan Stinn