by D&E Staff

September 23, 2013

Where will you be when the next crisis hits your organization?  Unfortunately, you can’t predict.  But chances are good that if you have one tool at your disposal – whether you’re at the ballpark, an out-of-town conference or the beach – it will be your mobile phone.

With thousands of business-focused apps on the market and hundreds more in beta, a smartphone has become one of the most dynamic tools you can have in a crisis.

As part of your personal and professional crisis plan, it’s worth investing in a few mobile apps to enhance your communication abilities, safeguard confidential company information and streamline processes so you can focus on the real task at hand – addressing the crisis.

We’ve checked out several apps and found them to be intuitive and a good way to supplement tools your organization may already have in place.  (Of course, you may have to make sure they comply with the organization’s IT security policies.)

The basic app menu below will run you just under $10 and could make all the difference in the world in how quickly you’re able to confront the crisis.

1) LogMeIn

You’re offsite and get a call that a crisis is in full swing back at the ranch. Luckily, you have your smartphone and the LogMeIn app. With WiFi or 3G, you can remotely access your computer, grab files (like your crisis manual) and run applications. The app even allows you to edit files from your phone.


iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android


Downloading the app is free and includes remote control of computers running LogMeIn Free or LogMeIn Pro. (Upgrade subscriptions to LogMeIn Pro are available.)

2) MySecretFolder

A stolen device, like a cellphone, containing confidential company information is a crisis in and of itself. When managing sensitive information via your mobile device, use an app like MySecretFolder to protect against leaks. This app allows you to store passwords, emails, documents, images and videos in a secure folder. If someone attempts to access the folder with an incorrect password, the iPhone automatically takes a picture of the “intruder” and emails it to you.


iPhone and iPad



3) Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is another great tool to protect you when you’re away from the office. The app secures a public WiFi connection, protecting you from more than 3.5 million malware threats, phishing sites and spam, and prevents hackers from stealing your sensitive information.


iPhone, iPad and Android



4) Group Text!

In a crisis, you need your PR team and you need them fast. You have your phone and chances are they have theirs, too. With Group Text!, you can organize your contacts into specific work groups and deploy your crisis team in minutes. Because the app supports text messaging to groups as large as 600, it’s also a valuable tool when communicating with your entire workforce.


iPhone (can send iMessage on iPad and iPod)



5) Good Reader

You don’t have time to plug your laptop in and edit the news release, statement or talking points your team just sent over.  With Good Reader, you can edit the document on your phone (we found it works best on iPad). Use your finger as a stylus to cross out words, circle errors, highlight sections or scribble comments in the margin.


Works best on iPad, also available in iPhone version



Have you discovered apps we should add to our list? Let us know in the comment section below.