by Matt Barkett

May 16, 2019

With summer approaching, it’s a good time to revisit training on your crisis communication plan for your executive team and spokespeople. Has it been more than a year since your last crisis communications training? Maybe even a few years? Maybe some of your trained employees have moved on? Like regular maintenance to keep your vehicle running in top form, providing regular communications training enables employees to be effective and consistent when dealing with the media and other key audiences in the course of normal business as well as in crisis situations.

Here are a few reasons to get it scheduled this summer.

  1. Late summer schedules tend to be flexible. With schedules increasingly complicated for staff at every level, the answer to training is most often “Yes, I’d love to, but when can I find the time?” The best path is to get it on the calendar months in advance, and then it is easier to secure and keep a date. Even if you get one or two trainees that end up with a last-minute conflict, you can still get the majority done and be in a better place. August tends to be a slower month for organizations, so that might be a good time to schedule a session!
  2. Communications vehicles change all the time. From long-established social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to newer channels such as Vero or Tik Tok, the social media landscape is always shifting. Providing training that gives an overview of new social channels as well as a refresher on media in general is useful, especially for those staff that don’t live on social media every day.
  3. Risk points move. No business is static. In today’s fast-moving marketplace, the one constant is change. As such, your risks may be different than they were just a few years ago. Maybe you’ve done an acquisition that added a new facility? Or maybe you’ve initiated a new e-commerce process that created some cyber vulnerabilities? In any case, updating your training materials and developing new scenarios that focus on such risk points are critical for your team.

As we know all too well, summer will be over in a flash. It’s a perfect time to look at those late summer schedules and get a training session on the books now. If you’d like our help mapping out a training session, please contact Matt Barkett at 216-241-3073 or via email at to start a conversation.