by Lisa Zone

February 9, 2016

What do more than 100 million daily active users, major consumer brands and even presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders have in common? They all use Apachito communicate, engage and stay connected. Is your B2B brand harnessing the platform’s storytelling power?

While it’s true Snapchat’s current user base skews young and female, its explosive growth can’t be ignored. As the platform gains popularity, its audience will diversify. And, with a hinted-at IPO, Snapchat will have to find ways to connect with a broader demographic in order to keep investors happy – which means even if your target audience isn’t “snapping” today, they probably will be soon.

What does this mean for B2B brands? Companies that figure out how to effectively harness the power of Snapchat’s storytelling platform can hold a unique place as the most tech-savvy/innovative/pioneering enterprise in their space. Consider these audiences as you contemplate a Snapchat account as part of your social media strategy:

1. Your industry

There’s almost always an advantage to being first in the B2B space, and social media is no exception. If anyone within your company has said they want to be “thought leaders,” “industry experts” or “trailblazers,” jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon now could significantly reinforce that desired position. Imagine the message it would send to customers, competitors, trade organizations and industry journalists – on a global scale. If innovation starts at the top of your company, is it reflected in its communications too?

2. Your young talent

There’s perhaps no stronger current argument for utilizing Snapchat than engaging with college students and recent grads. Today, many B2B companies are struggling to recruit (or retain) young talent, particularly those that are considered “stodgy” or “old school.” What better way to debunk that perception to reach your next generation of workers than by using their most popular social platform?

3. Your investors

Whether you’re a public company or a small tech startup, the investment community is using Snapchat too. Consider this: both NYSE and NASDAQ have Snapchat accounts, as do some mainstream media. Here again, the communications tools you use can speak volumes about your company’s philosophy and approach to integrating leading-edge thinking throughout your organization.

Going strictly by the numbers, your target audience probably hasn’t yet fully embraced Snapchat. But sometimes the ROI of early adoption and being first is worth more than the numbers alone. Are you willing to take a chance?