In-crisis management

If there’s ever a time to think clearly and keep your cool, it’s in the white heat of a crisis. Under intense scrutiny, every action and statement is judged.  It’s a time when important relationships can change quickly – for better or worse. Dix & Eaton’s crisis communications team helps organizations act and communicate carefully during a crisis to preserve their reputation and maintain positive relationships. Dix & Eaton is frequently retained by law firms and insurance companies to assist their clients in the heat of a crisis. Clients turn to us when they’re in need of 24-hour senior counsel and on-the-ground support.

Dix & Eaton is a pre-authorized crisis counselor under AIG’s CrisisResponse® program, which identifies preferred service providers in crisis management.

Our active-crisis capabilities include:

  • Access to 24-hour senior counsel
  • On-the-ground support
  • Crisis strategy development
  • 24-hour call center management
  • Media training
  • Statement/speech writing
  • Specialized support during NTSB or other regulatory agency investigations

Some of Our Clients

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