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Three Brand Metrics to Use as Part of the M&A Process

We’ve worked with a number of clients as they have navigated through mergers and acquisitions. Typically, the due diligence process focuses heavily on financial considerations and is led by the company’s financial advisors and legal counsel. But what about the brand equity of the acquisition target? Brand-related intangibles are often overlooked or downplayed as part of the M&A process, and the marketing function often has very little input into the evaluation process.

If your company’s growth strategy includes M&A, are you assessing the acquisition target’s brand as part of your due diligence process? Here are a few things to consider:

1) Brand Equity Research

What value does the potential acquisition target realize for its corporate or product brands compared…

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Don’t let when trump what

    I’ve recently been working with a client CEO on announcing a major change in senior leadership and with two others on the potential merger of their organizations.  In both cases I found myself explaining a dynamic that most experienced communication pros intuitively understand is fundamental to announcing a major change: it matters a lot how and when people are told. 
    The announcement of any big change has a particular sequence to it, dictated by the formal rules of disclosure (especially for public companies and highly regulated entities) and the informal rules of the culture.  The former are relatively clear and the latter are unique to the organization.  What’s true in every case, though, is that the people affected – no matter how slightly—will…

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