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Getting your story told starts with research

Trying to execute a media relations campaign in a vacuum is a recipe for failure. Just like any other project or campaign, you have to do proper due diligence and research, research, research to be successful.

Understand what you’re promoting

Before embarking on a media relations campaign, it is important to understand what your organization wants to promote, its objectives and its target audiences. Talk to subject matter experts within your organization to fully understand the product or service being promoted and to identify newsworthy angles that can be parsed out to various types of media.

Is there a technology or innovation angle? What about a consumer bent? Once you better understand what is to be promoted, be sure to look at what your organization’s…

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3 steps for starting a trade media program

When talking to current or prospective B2B clients about a media relations strategy, trade media is often a major focus, and rightly so. This super-targeted form of communications is a great way to build industry relationships, reach an intended target audience and promote your company’s story.

Looking to add a trade media program to your media relations plan? Here are three tips to help you get started:

1. Analyze the Publications

There are a lot of trade pubs out there. So how do you know which are the right fit for your audience? Our Senior Advisor Cristine Torek suggests looking at five criteria when analyzing publications for an advertising program. These same criteria can also apply when evaluating the quality of a publication for pitching trade media…

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Reflections on a summer in CLE at D&E

As our talented summer interns return to the classroom or move on to begin their careers, we asked them to reflect on their experience at D&E. Each semester our interns leave D&E having been both challenged and empowered to take on real-world work and grow professionally. As you might imagine, first-hand involvement with the Republican National Convention is something they’ll all be putting on their resumes. 

– Angela Almasy and Sarah Hihn, internship coordinators


‘I was not hidden away behind the scenes to do menial work’

The best thing I can say about the Dix & Eaton internship experience is that I don’t feel like an intern. I don’t feel like a student, or an observer or a trainee. The best thing this internship has done for me is prepare me to take on a…

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Snapshots from downtown

Snapshots from downtown is a brief roundup of what the D&E team is seeing, hearing and doing leading up to and during the Republican National Convention. For all posts like this, click here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Noon:  Even though the Republican National Convention (RNC) starts this weekend, media from all over the country have already started descending on Cleveland. There was a noticeable traffic delay this morning as delegates, journalists and RNC visitors converged on downtown. 

MSNBC has taken over the Erie Island Coffee Co. on East Fourth Street and is preparing to broadcast live from there. (Erie Island was providing coffee from the sidewalk nearby.)

East Fourth often is a center of activity near the Q, where the RNC will take place. In the coming days,…

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Everything is earned in a championship city

As our CEO Chas Withers wrote recently, Dix & Eaton has always been a champion of Cleveland and eager to help tell the city’s story to the world. And as a media relations professional, I’ve noticed lately that media far beyond the county line are becoming eager to listen – and not just because our beloved Cavaliers have become world champs.

I’ve been a Clevelander for half my life now. Even though I was born and raised in black-and-gold territory, this city is my second hometown and I am thrilled that it is enjoying so much positive attention and interest from across the nation and around the world.

For almost two years, Cleveland’s political, business and civic leaders have been planning for the Republican National Convention, which is now less than a month away.…

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