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Blog Basics: 5 Tips for Starting a Successful Thought Leadership Blog

There’s more to thought leadership than just starting a blog.  Too often, individuals and companies start a blog with the intent to update it frequently and become an influencer within their industry, but they fall short because a strategy is not in place.

In a past Harvard Business Review article, the author asked influencers in the business, political and media sectors to rank companies using the five behaviors Henley Business School identified as “common to high-impact or ‘thought leader’ organizations” – a pioneering spirit, rigor, objectivity, authenticity and clarity.  According to this article, these traits categorize a person or brand as an influencer and thought leader.

If you can identify with these traits and feel passionate about a specific subject,…

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Welcome to the new Communication Matters

I’m happy and proud to welcome you to D&E’s new website and blog. The website not only describes our work, capabilities and staff but does so in a way we hope will give you a sense of the D&E DNA – who we are, how we work, our point of view and our character. We’ve used original art to capture some of the elements that define us: Creativity & Intellect, Strategy & Impact, Expertise & Insight, People & Passion. The site is optimized for tablet and mobile and was designed and developed by our talented creative team. 

Our new blog continues our tradition of providing fresh thinking, knowledge and insight about our profession and the issues that affect it.  Some of the entries will be broad in perspective; some will reflect a specific focus on building productive…

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Give Walmart Credit: Sustainability Blog Shows Leadership

Walmart’s sustainability blog, The Green Room, is less than a week old.  And the conversation is in full swing.  The January 3 announcement of the blog drew more than 70 comments – mostly positive, but, as far as I can tell, even the not-so-flattering comments are being accepted and responded to.

Some might say that the creation of the blog and the regular postings by Andrea Thomas, Walmart’s SVP of sustainability, already show leadership.  But that’s just the beginning – the outbound communication.

The openness to incoming communication, respond to the comments and eventually act, where appropriate, on the feedback, are, and will be, the bigger issues.  Early indications are that this blog is not just about communication, but conversation.  And transparency. …

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The New York Times loses a reporter, the Huffington Post gains an opinion

The world of journalism is crumbling! It’s turning on its head!

Actually, website-based journalism is simply growing up.

Business and economy writer Peter Goodman, one of the New York Times’ top writers, is taking his talents to …wait for it….the Huffington Post.

Yes, Goodman is leaving the “Gray Lady” to work for one of the world’s edgiest, fastest growing major media websites, where he will be the business and technology editor.

In a blog post, Catharine Taylor of calls the move “ More Significant Than You Think.”

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz is more measured in his post, calling Goodman’s decision “the latest sign that Web sites can compete on an equal footing with media giants.”

Like most coming of age…

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Do you want the Upshot or the double-dip?

Do you prefer the Upshot (new media)  or the double-dip (old media)?

Both have made splashes in the journalism world recently.

Yahoo! News recently launched its news blog, The Upshot featuring a team of reporters, and perhaps more importantly, a new algorithm-based search engine that will help direct the reporting team’s focus. Here is the low-down on The Upshot.

The double-dip involves a controversial paywall the newspaper in Lancaster, Pa., has instituted. In essence, the Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era paper is charging non-subscribers $1.99 a month to access online obituaries, if they wish to read more than seven obituaries a month. Grieving families pay for those obituaries with the expectation they will be available to whomever can access the…

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