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When mega trends collide – how digital media became part of global expansion

Digital this, and global that.

When is the last time you saw anything that wasn’t about digital or global something or other?

Obviously, digital and global are two of the biggest technology and business trends in the world, and their convergence is changing how communicators go to market.

But one place you have not seen them together is digital media. Until now.

When digital news media emerged – starting with The Huffington Post – these were dismissed by mainstream media and ignored by business organizations.

But digital media are increasingly successful – some of them wildly so – with stories that outpunch those in mainstream media as far as popularity, stories that get shared on social media around the world, stories that are even changing how mainstream media cover the world, and more.

Now the contempt from other media and neglect from the corporate arena are fading, because digital media are successfully following the same strategy as U.S. media and companies – global expansion.

In fact it is largely because global audiences – whether the demographic is Millennial, Boomer or anything before or after – want to know what is happening everywhere else around the world that these digital titles are expanding abroad, particularly Europe but also, if a little slower, in Asia.  

Is yours a company for which global growth is an imperative? Then how do you reach domestic and global customers in these markets, how do you recruit and retain talent there? And at the same time still reach audiences here in the States?

You need to check out digital media such as Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, International Business Times, Mashable, Quartz, Thrillist and Vice and read their reports from abroad. Most of these publish in English, but more are beginning to publish in local languages where they have bureaus.

And you need to check them out right now.

You will see stories about business – but more often than not you will see stories about the people in business, leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and more, and how they are succeeding.

You will see stories about cultures, lifestyles, politics and more – but more often than not these are also about how people as individuals are changing and driving cultures, lifestyles and politics.

These are stories that you would never have seen before in mainstream media, but which are so popular they are affecting how older media work – and more importantly how people think, decide and act.

If you do not spend time on such digital media, particularly those expanding around the world, then you are frittering opportunity to see what is important to people who are essential to your success and who can be difficult to find in any one place.

You want to win the war for talent, particularly among young people here and around the world?

You want to reach consumer or business customers in markets that are important to your success?

Guess what. They are reading these digital media – whether in English or their own language. They are sharing these digital news stories on social media where people – and that includes your customers and employees – talk about what is happening and what it means.

The biggest business organizations in the world are working with these globalizing digital media from London to Shanghai to reach and influence these and other audiences everywhere around the world.

Are you?

Feel free to reach me digitally to discuss at or on Twitter @BruntonWells.

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