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What I Heard During the First Day (August 12) of Cleveland’s Sustainability Summit

Mayor Frank Jackson: Cleveland is heading in the right direction, but “will we be first” in building a truly sustainable city, “a green city on a blue lake”?

Van Jones from the Obama Administration: “Not every city” is as focused on sustainability as Cleveland is. “You can build the future here.”

Tom Morley of Lube Stop: Lube Stop’s EcoGuard re-refined oil change now accounts for 47 percent of its oil changes.

Attendee: Define zero waste as the combination of nothing to landfalls, no waste or misuse of land, and no waste of human potential.

Attendee: Ideas for “Renovating the Rust Belt

City of Atlanta sustainability coordinator Lynette Young: Leadership + Collaboration + Timing = Innovation

Sustainability attorney Dave Nash: “Building a sustainable economy is the only way for Cleveland to move forward.”

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