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Social media soared, newspapers were gored, and the news, well it roared

From the hilarious to the sobering, here are some perspectives helping us look back on the events that dominated the news and the media in 2009.

Google Wave and the newsroom from Leah Betancourt of Mashable: Newsrooms are experimenting with this melding of real time reporting and social media platforms.

Uncle Jay explains: Jay Gilbert, a longtime Cincinnati radio personality, offers a creative and funny take on the year’s events. Uncle Jay is always worth a laugh.

Reflections of a Newsosaur reflects on mass newspaper closings: Alan Mutter, businessman, journalist and consultant, details the closings of more than 140 papers, but then ends with a section titled, “The irrepressible optimism of publishers.”

More reflecting, this time on what people talked about on Twitter: Chris Crum breaks out by sector the top topics on Twitter. Iran’s election, Michael Jackson, Harry Potter and American Idol lead their respective categories.

David Carr’s review of the year in newspapers: The New York Times’ media columnist has a great line about the future moves newspapers need to make: “So what is the next step? Not to go all Mary Poppins, but with a little bit of pluck, I think the media industry can work from here.” 

Joe Strupp’s review of 2009 in newspapers:Strupp’s Editor & Publisher is threatening to close in 2010 after more than 100 years in publication. This gives you an idea of his list of top 10 media events in 2009.

This is just a sample of the 2009 reviews circulating. If you have others to share, send us a link.

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