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The Daily is emerging as the latest, but not last, new media

Add The Daily to the list of new media to watch heading into 2011.

Built upon the popularity of the iPad and the ingenuity of Rupert Murdoch, The Daily is expected to launch to the public in January. The digital news report will call upon 100 newly hired journalists (many of them freelancers) to provide a regular dose of news from our nation’s media centers and stream it directly to the growing population of iPad owners.

To create the necessary content of a regularly updated report, Murdoch has recruited talent from a broad range of organizations. Executives draw from experience at the New York Times, AOL, the New York Post, Viacom, ABC News and The Sun in the U.K.

In his coverage of this latest step in the news media's evolution, John Koblin details the topics The Daily will cover: politics, health,  books, movies, pop culture, education and more. There will be video and opinion pieces aplenty.

One thing The Daily will not have: printing presses. These journalists will not write for a print product. Call it all digital, all the time. Yes, it will publish seven days a week.

Another interesting point Koblin makes. The Daily intends to staff the 2012 presidential election with daily political coverage.

It won’t be the only new media on the horizon. Just consider, one year from now, the other digital media that will have sprouted, either independently or connected to existing media, to cover the next big election.

It's mind boggling to think how far the media have come from the election of 2008. Remember when we thought Twitter was the latest, hottest platform in digital communications?

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