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That spin just doesn’t work

A new tweeter on Twitter has taken spin to a new level. The name of this Twitter enthusiast is “Media is Thriving.”

(Uh, no, it’s not.)

This tweeter should not be confused with “The Media is Dying”

(Well, let’s hope it’s not.)

In case this Twitter whiplash is too painful, you can sign on to The Newspaper Project and learn about how the newspaper industry is healthier than most understand.  Launched this week as “public relations campaign” to provide a more accurate picture of the newspaper industry, the effort didn’t impress. But it is gaining traction, as a leavened approach to the industry is taking shape, adding to the site’s credibility. 

Some recent posts include: “Can the Press Fix Itself,” “How to Save Your Newspaper” and “Imagining A City Without its Daily Newspaper.”

The works of such authors as Walter Isaacson of Time magazine and David Folkenflik of NPR are included.

The fact is, the media are dying but they are not yet dead. Denver and Seattle are likely to become one-newspaper towns in the coming months. The old business model is broken. But as Isaacson points out, the industry is operating under a sense of urgency as it fights for survival. Publishers are experimenting with innovations involving social media, outsourcing and new business strategies.

Meanwhile, the public longs for information like never before. Web traffic on news sites is setting records.

Perhaps, as the media hopefully sort all this out, a new tweeter will emerge: themediaareevolving.

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