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Professional Athletes Challenge Plastic Bottle Use

Hollywood celebrities are famous – some even infamous – for their commitment to environmental and social causes.  Are sports teams and athletes the next frontier?

Planet Green, the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network, has been airing an episode of Stuff Happens about the environmental impact of sports venues and large sporting events such as the Super Bowl. There is also an Action Sports Environmental Coalition, which attracts surfers, mountain bikers, mountain climbers, etc.

And now professional athletes are joining the fray with We Play Green, which was founded by outfielder Chris Dickerson of the Cincinnati Reds and pitcher Jack Cassel of the Cleveland Indians, and includes other ballplayers and professional athletes.

Interestingly, they have chosen to tackle a single issue – the use of plastic bottles by players and fans. The group says its initial interest is to encourage recycling in all professional stadiums, locker rooms and playing fields. Eventually, they say they are going to push every team to utilize reusable aluminum water bottles and replace water bottles altogether with water jugs.

The demonization of plastic bottles is clearly not good for the plastics industry. But sustainability is not a one-issue movement. So is this program an unnecessary, perhaps detrimental distraction or a way for everyone to get involved?

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