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Print your own magazine, complete with ads

The old saying went: “Never argue with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.”

Pretty soon it will be: “Never argue with anyone who wants to print their own magazine.”

One of my favorite business reporters these days is Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times. Recently, she wrote an article about a Web site called, Printcasting, which allows would-be journalists to self-publish their own magazine.

Printcasting also allows people to be their own news aggregators (see previous posts on aggregators) and compile interesting information on the topics of their choice.

Seems that as popular as online news is, some advertisers wish to reach potential customers through print. Thus, Printcasters was created in March.

Can newspapers make this model work? I guess we’ll see. MediaNews, which publishes the St. Paul and Denver newspapers, among others, is considering how to use the concept for more targeted publications.

Maybe I’ll consider building my own magazine. The Hertz Report?

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