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One big challenge between you and content marketing success

This just in… media matter more to the success of content marketing than anyone imagined.

What makes this not just surprising but perhaps even stunning is that it was the changes in the media that gave rise to content marketing to begin with.

Now, instead of relying totally on the media to tell a story, more companies are beginning to tell their own stories.

The problem is, most companies can’t even come close to telling all the stories they have to tell.

Here’s what I mean…

First, to be honest, content marketing didn’t just arise from the changes in the news media.

Content marketing also came about from the realization that what customers in particular want from every company or organization is answers to problems.

That is, what you sell is less important than what it does – help your customers solve problems.

So content marketing is telling your own stories to your customers, through such tools as:

  • Articles
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • And of course through traditional media, too

It isn’t any wonder that content marketing is so hot.

With the use of so many avenues as these, you can tell a lot of stories to a lot of customers about how you see their world, how you understand their challenges and how you solve their problems.

Second, major companies, the biggest in the world, can afford to hire plenty of writers to create such content. And in many instances, they are hiring former journalists to help tell their stories.

But most companies can’t afford the cost, even with the potentially great return on investment that content marketing offers.  And besides, they can’t always find enough writing talent.

Ice cream sandwiches and iPods will grow on trees before good writers do.

Third, and so what does this mean to you?

Although changes in the news media contributed to the emergence of content marketing, the fact is that changes in the news media are now critical to the success of content marketing.

Increasingly the news media will use stories – even videos – created from external sources if there is a compelling story. That is, if there is content that the media themselves can market.

In the past, companies would pitch story ideas to journalists and then depend entirely on the media to develop those stories.

But now companies create their own stories and the media pitch them to readers, viewers and listeners.

You heard that right. The media are still an accessory, only now after the fact.

What that means is that you don’t need a huge stable of writers to create an endless stream of content.  

You can use the resources that you have available and can afford, to create content that really matters to your customers – that is, tell them stories about how you solve problems.

Moreover, now you can leverage the media to make that content go much farther.

And you thought you’d never get to say, “Stop the presses!”

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