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National Green Pages, All 232 Certified Pages

I have a lot of respect for paper companies that have embraced sustainability – and their customers who factor sustainability into their printing decisions.

I was reminded of their challenges recently when I got my copy of the 2010 National Green Pages, a 232-page “directory of products and services for people and the planet” published by Green America, an environmental group that measures and challenges organizations on a wide variety of sustainability issues. 

The directory got my attention on two levels.  First, I was struck by the obvious value that this environmental organization places on having a printed directory.  The organization proudly uses recycled content and chlorine-free processing to produce the printed copies, but the directory is a printed piece nonetheless and also requires mailing and delivery.

Second, the back cover ad is interesting – a listing of 14 different sustainability certifications for printed materials, available from Recycled Paper Printing, Inc. Three types of forestry certifications. Two for wind energy and two for chlorine-free.

Do I need all of these certifications? Is it even possible or desirable to have all 14 in my paper? How much will a 16-page brochure cost if the printed materials meet all of these standards?

A lot to think about, courtesy of Green America’s 232-page directory.

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