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Is ‘Glocalization’ for You?

Last year, in this blog space, we introduced the concept of “greenblushing,” a ThreePs original based on experiences with companies that are shy in talking about their sustainability efforts. And it resonated with a lot of organizations and individuals.

Here is another one for you – “glocal” or “glocalization,” and, no, these are not typos of local or globalization. These are not brand new but also not widely communicated so far. The concepts apparently originated from within Japanese business practices in the 1980s, according to Wikipedia and Investopedia entries. The term “glocal” refers to organizations and individuals who are willing and able to think globally and act locally; they see their local situation, needs and opportunities in a global context.

You’re going to be hearing more about these ideas in sustainability and economic development circles. The optimistic view is that the glocalization movement will create better linkages between local opportunities and challenges, and their global counterparts (especially in the area of economic development). It sounds great, but it will be a tough concept for many to embrace - can the economically advantaged and disadvantaged really get along?

While we’re at it, here are some other concepts and terms that you may want to start following (while the definitions are still developing): “resilience,” “whole systems accounting” (or “holistic accounting”), “disruptive technologies,” and “the triple top line.”

What emerging concepts and terms do you find intriguing and why?

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