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Iran from blogs, Twitter et al and oh yeah, the NYT

I’ve been working on a presentation on news aggregators. These are impressive efforts from people and software designed to gather the news to one place. A smorgasbord of topics, for you to choose as you like. A bit of international news, some health news and for dessert, how about the latest in entertainment.

The New York Times’ The Lede blog has been covering the latest on Iran, from an impressive array of sources. A quick review will give you the latest from ABC News, the AP, the New York Times (of course) as well as Twitter, YouTube and more. 

As you review The Lede, note how often it qualifies the news source such as “video apparently taken” or “according to reports.” The qualifiers reflect not only how quickly events are moving, but how much reporting is coming out of Iran, from trained reporters as well as first-hand observers.

As for aggregators, do you have others that you would recommend for coverage of Iran or other topics? More to come after my presentation.

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