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GM’s banktruptcy: How would you cover the story?

The media are producing blanket coverage of the General Motors bankruptcy.

Turn on the radio, go to your favorite news web site or your local newspaper. GM’s short-term demise and the billions of federal money, not to mention the thousands of jobs, involved make the story compelling to a global audience. 

Now that the media have chronicled the initial history of “the second-largest industrial bankruptcy in history” (Wall Street Journal), where will they take the story? To the national investment? (GM: What’s in it for taxpayers? Business Week) To the future? (The best possible outcome for GM. Forbes ) To the historic perspective? (Obama’s test: Restoring GM with a limited U.S. Role. New York Times)

When the media have a story this large, the potential angles for coverage are nearly endless. What are GM’s decisions? What does all this mean for our nation? For GM employees, suppliers, communities?

You get the picture. So where do you think this story of business stories will go, and perhaps just as importantly, where will the media take it? In other words, play editor for a day. What story would you want to see posted online or in the next edition?

In my previous life as a business editor, I often reminded reporters there is no bad angle. Just ask yourself, what do YOUR readers want to know?

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