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Enough Energy for Alternative Energy?

Keeping track of activity in the alternative energy space is becoming a full-time job for many people. Following the legislative maneuverings and government incentives. Mingling with 23,500 wind energy folks in Chicago. Interpreting the latest research. And what about energy storage – what happens when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine?

I’ve met with dozens of companies in the wind energy industry and many more organizations still trying to find their way into the supply chain. According to one estimate, more than 530 companies in Ohio alone could become suppliers needed in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of wind turbines. Lots of potential jobs – and lots of potential for confusion and disconnects.

I’ve heard Ohio Sen. Voinovich promote nuclear energy as part of our long-term energy future. And listened to researchers who said nuclear and clean coal won’t last for more than another 20 years.

What’s it all mean? So much information but still light on standards, specifics and clear next steps – sure signs of an industry that’s moving fast but perhaps not sure where it’s going. Do we have what it takes to keep up with alternative energy? Or will we get burned out?

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