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Earth Day: What if we all did something, anything, nothing, the wrong thing?

Supporters of Earth Day have called for people around the world to pledge to commit “a billion acts of green” today, April 22, Earth Day 2011.

Small, individual acts are welcome – so mine is to do this blog post, after several weeks of not having time to add to this site. Sure, it’s symbolic, but, in the end, I suspect most of the acts will be.

For example, I see that green lifestyle expert, journalist and TV host Candice Batista, through Twitter @candicebatista, has pledged that she is “buying NOTHING….NADA….zip….give a try too.”  Probably just symbolic – I’m sure she either stocked up or will wait until the weekend to buy what she would have bought on Friday. 

And that’s the best-case scenario: If she actually decided not to make up for her spend-free day, and millions or billions of people followed her lead, April 22, 2011 would go down in history as one of the worst economic meltdowns in history. It may be green, but it sure isn’t sustainable (People, Planet, Profit).

Businesses all around the world are marking Earth Day by announcing major new initiatives. In fact, the announcements of new sustainability initiatives are so utterly overwhelming that Environmental Leader noted today that “this Earth Week we got far more news suggestions than we could possibly use. So reduce wasted press releases – email us at other times of year!” In other words, many sustainability efforts are going to go under-recognized because they are being announced on Earth Day.

Cheer up if you’re unclear about the impact of your sustainability initiatives. Even Earth Day isn’t sure what to do with sustainability.

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