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Coming Soon to a Computer Near You – Really Local News

If you’re wondering what the title of this, yet another blog, means, I can explain.

It used to be that when reporters turned in their stories, they typed (more) at the bottom of every page, so that their editors would know there was in fact more to the story.

And that is exactly why I wanted to give this blog the name – (more).

Certainly I’m going to be talking about what is happening in the world. I’m going to talk about business, politics, journalism, communications and more, and from around the world.

I intend to offer you more than just an opinion, as brilliant as it may be. When I tackle a topic, I’m going to tell you what it means to you, and how you can use it to your benefit in your world.

Here is what I mean. Ever hear of Patch? Check it out … … This is a web site where local news is available in growing numbers of cities around the country. Take a look at any site in any state and what you will see is exquisitely local news in a small community.

This is called “hyper local news.” For the longest time, the joke in newsrooms was that “hyper local news is the next big thing, and it always will be.” It is now the next big thing. And Patch is perhaps just the most visible and so far successful venture on hyper local. It may well succeed.

Here is what this means for you.

There is nothing too small, no person too unknown, no event too parochial, not to be of interest to Patch. Do you have a small business? Patch is interested. Do you have a global company with local operations? Patch is interested. Do you want to honor a local employee? Patch is interested. Do you want to be seen doing good in your community? Patch is interested.

Patch knows something most local newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations have forgotten. Patch knows that everyone wants to know what is happening in their community. Patch wants to give people stories that they cannot get anywhere else.

What is it that you want to achieve in your community, or those communities where you conduct business, have employees, or live? What is it that you want people to know about your company?

I’ve met few business executives who think much of their local paper. Among the complaints: When covering the company, local papers often get the facts wrong. And local papers won’t cover stories executives think are interesting because they’re “not news.”

You have an opportunity that you haven’t had in years to tell those stories about your company.  

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