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A return to the newsroom

One question everyone faces in life, in some form or another, is whether you can relive your past. Can you go back home?

I recently revisited the Akron Beacon Journal newsroom I called my second home for 15 years. Much was the same. Desks piled high with last year’s newspapers, reporters and editors staring into their computer screens (some even doing interviews!).

My former colleagues immediately treated me to a roast that would have left Michael Scott of The Office shattered.

“Hey, David Hertz is in the newsroom.”

“Watch out what you say. He might quote you in his blog!”

“Yeah, and all three of his readers may actually see it!”

And that was the friendly stuff.

Of course, these journalists also shared the same financial angst the entire newspaper industry is experiencing. Yet they continue to do good work, and recently ran a series designed to help their readers save money during the recession.

David Folkenflik of NPR recently produced a piece that raises the question of what life would be like without a city’s daily newspaper.

I’d hate to find out.

Can you go home? Perhaps not. But it sure was fun to visit.

And as for those three readers, Phil, you got it wrong. I’m shelling out $4 a week, not $3.

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