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Take the Crisis Stress Test: Are You Prepared?

Would your company’s reputation survive a major product failure or recall? A serious social media blunder? Major litigation? The death of an employee or customer?

A company’s ability to bounce back after a crisis often comes down to one key factor: how well it prepared before the crisis. Unfortunately, we see companies – too many companies – wait until after a cataclysmic event strikes to create a crisis communications manual, train top executives for speaking with media or set up a “dark” website.

Crisis preparedness is not necessarily a pleasant task, and it’s easy to put off for another day when there’s no looming crisis on the horizon. But, despite the reluctance or procrastination of some organizations, investing in crisis preparedness remains a critical…

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Just-in-case emergency response planning

Major natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy often prompt business owners and operations professionals to create or update their crisis management plan and corresponding communications plan – just in case they need it when the next big disaster strikes.

But I wonder how many of them make preparations for a smaller scale “disaster” that could last days, weeks or seemingly an entire season.

It’s no surprise that many cities are calling this winter the worst in decades, and the National Weather Service and Federal Reserve are quick to back up that claim. The Federal Reserve reported today that a historically cold and snowy winter is to blame for its less than sunny industrial production report, which saw significant drops in both industrial production and…

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Five Mobile Apps for Handling a Crisis

Where will you be when the next crisis hits your organization?  Unfortunately, you can’t predict.  But chances are good that if you have one tool at your disposal – whether you’re at the ballpark, an out-of-town conference or the beach – it will be your mobile phone. 

With thousands of business-focused apps on the market and hundreds more in beta, a smartphone has become one of the most dynamic tools you can have in a crisis.

As part of your personal and professional crisis plan, it’s worth investing in a few mobile apps to enhance your communication abilities, safeguard confidential company information and streamline processes so you can focus on the real task at hand – addressing the crisis.

We’ve checked out several apps and found them to be intuitive and a…

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