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3 easy ways to improve investor engagement on your IR website

It seems safe to say any investor relations professional would agree that the purpose of the investor relations website is to tell the company story and provide user-friendly, one-stop access to essential investor information.

You want your IR website to be the first place where a prospective investor goes to better understand the company and its value proposition.

In reality, however, many IR departments fall short of these aspirations due to a risk-avoidance mindset and miss opportunities to provide important content in more useful and compelling formats.

As corporate video producer Vern Oakley of New Jersey-based Tribe Pictures told IR Magazine, “In a regulated field like IR, people are waiting for someone to lead, to test what can or can’t be done. It’s a…

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How’s this for a headline? “Cleveland wins, Rust Belt loses”

CBS’ headline was cautious: “Cleveland begins to shine again.”

The Associated Press’ was understated: “Safe GOP convention boosts Cleveland's image to the world.”

The European Agence France-Presse headline was active: “A city on the rebound, Cleveland shines as RNC opens.”

Inside Edition was edgy: “From Doom to Boom: Home to RNC, Cleveland Is Surging After Years of Urban Decay.”

The Chicago Tribune was urban: “Cleveland, a city on the rebound.”

ABC’s headline gave me whiplash, but in a good way: “Cleveland on the Rise: Look Back on the City's Comeback Before RNC.”

PBS was temperate: “Hot in Cleveland? The city’s new, cool Public Square.”

Even Yahoo! Finance got into the act: “Fancy hotels, revamped airport welcome RNC visitors to Cleveland.”

Thanks largely…

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3 ways IR and social media can work for your company

There’s no doubt that social media is a valuable marketing and communications channel for both B2B and B2C companies. But we often get the question, “Should companies use social media for investor relations?” While the answer is never black-and-white, Dix & Eaton believes there is value in leveraging your company’s existing corporate social media strategy to share your investor-focused content.

Here are three ways to ensure that IR and social media work together for your company:

1. Amplify your IR message by working with corporate communications

Social media and IR work best together when they are part of a broader communications strategy. Because of the seasonality of IR news and content, there is not always the steady flow of content that is needed to support…

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3 simple steps to an informed employee base

If I had a quarter for every time I heard “I sent an email – did you get it?” – I’d be rich. The problem is, when it comes to internal communications and sharing information with employees, email communication is just one channel we can use to distribute information. But there are so many other ways!

As communicators, we typically focus on making sure the message is clear, approved and distributed on time. While all of those are very important, how you share the information with employees is just as critical, and here are three steps to help you discover the best way do so:

1. Consider the types of employees you have

The best way to share your information often depends on the types of employees you have within your organization. Here are some common employee…

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How to balance humanity with digital communications

In a recent client meeting, a cross-functional group from a large B2B company discussed their favorite parts of the corporate culture. Almost all of the examples involved in-person events with real live human interaction. Imagine that! We heard about birthday celebrations, new product parties, family cook-outs and community involvement days. Nevertheless, the conversation eventually turned to technology. We covered how to leverage in-office video screens, take advantage of a new human resources information system (HRIS) and which employee communications apps to use. Can these seemingly opposite approaches (digital and human) co-exist? We believe they can – and must – co-exist for optimal internal and external communications.

As new technologies take off, the…

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