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7 habits of highly effective digital marketers

The late Steven R. Covey identified “7 Habits” that helped business people around the globe become more effective. Today, consider the following 7 habits to become more effective digital marketers.

  1. Align your marketing and communications spend with your target audiences’ information consumption. If you’re investing more in analog media and channels than you are in digital, you may be out of balance.
    Starting point: Survey your audiences to understand where they prefer to consume content. If you’re not game for doing a survey, search for industry reports on audience preferences. Use these insights to calibrate your communications mix. For example, if your audience is on social media and you’re running print ads, you’re likely missing an opportunity.
  2. Measure key…
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Merger objection lawsuits getting tougher for plaintiffs’ attorneys

The easy money business of merger and acquisition lawsuits may be getting more difficult for the plaintiffs’ law firms that specialize in these questionable class actions, according to new data from Cornerstone Research* and some recent legal decisions.

In the nearly three years since the Delaware Court of Chancery first signaled its hostility to the proliferation of so-called disclosure-only merger lawsuits (culminating in the landmark In re Trulia, Inc. Stockholder Litigation decision), the sector has undergone considerable turmoil. (See my previous blog post.)

In 2015, the first year impacted by the Delaware court’s change of heart, the percentage of M&A deals valued at more than $100 million that attracted shareholder lawsuits dropped to 84 percent from the…

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Preparing for an IPO? Train employees on 3 areas of public company disclosure

This year is on track to be one of the best ever for the IPO market, with $9 billion raised in January alone – the most capital ever raised in January on record. The momentum grew in the second quarter and is anticipated to continue throughout the remainder of the year. In fact, in a recent interview, New York Stock Exchange President Stacey Cunningham commented on the strength of the market, noting the NYSE alone has raised $19.3 billion on 41 IPOs so far in 2018, and expects a number of companies to come to market next month and even more at the end of the third quarter.

For the investor relations leads helping companies navigate the IPO process, it is a busy and exciting time to say the least. So much to do as you prepare your organization for the moment shares…

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3 employee communications lessons learned from the Starbucks fiasco

Starbucks Corp. is not finding it easy to put the cap back on the can of worms opened by the April incident in Philadelphia where a store manager called the police to remove two young black men who had asked to use the restroom without purchasing anything while waiting for a friend, and then refused to leave when asked to do so.

The company responded quickly and appropriately. The CEO flew to Philadelphia and personally apologized to the two men, and the company announced a day of racial bias training for all U.S. store employees. But coming up with a workable new policy while under the hot glare of the media has been challenging.

Executive Chairman Howard Schultz’s impromptu May 11 disclosure that people will now be allowed to use Starbucks’ cafes, including its…

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Brainfood Live: Social Listening

After much preparation and promotion, our first Dix & Eaton Facebook livestream didn’t exactly go as planned. The Dix & Eaton team tested, rehearsed and worked together to produce Brainfood Live: Social Listening for a month. On the day of our livestream, a recent update to Facebook’s livestreaming interface complicated our ability to get the broadcast started. After nearly 30 minutes of troubleshooting, we made the decision to cancel the event. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and stuck with us while we worked to get the livestream up and running!

We are now pleased to share with you the recorded Brainfood Live session discussing Social Listening.

ProMedica, a Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan health care system, enlisted the help of Dix & Eaton to better…

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