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What can you learn from Donald Trump?

Before you get snarky and say … more than you think … or … probably not much … pay attention here.

Whether you like what Donald Trump says or not, think about the fact that for months he has dominated coverage of the presidential campaign leaving little time for competitors to be heard.

How many comments from his competitors do you remember? How many of his comments do you remember?  I didn’t say love or hate. I said remember.

“Trump,” commented Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight blog, who used analytics to correctly call the 2012 presidential election in all 50 states, “has received about the most disproportionate media coverage ever for a primary candidate.”

There is a reason. Donald Trump is a media genius. A social media and news media genius.

Before any…

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The case against stand-alone Investor Relations Twitter accounts

When a company chooses to be more active with its investor relations (IR) content on Twitter, one of the first decision points revolves around whether to create a separate IR Twitter account or to incorporate IR content into the company’s existing corporate Twitter account.

(Technically this decision applies across all social media channels, but as I’ve written before, Twitter is the easiest and most commonly used social media tool for sharing IR content.)

To be clear, I’m in favor of incorporating IR content into an existing corporate account. Thus, I was glad to see Nestlé announce it is shutting down its @Nestle_IR account and directing followers to the corporate @Nestle feed. 

If you’re on the fence about whether a single corporate account or a stand-alone…

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4 Ways Analytics Can Improve Your Twitter Brand

Are you making the most of your personal social media brand?

An abbreviated version of this post appeared in the April 27 edition of PRNews. 

Do you use Twitter Analytics? You should. Whether for business or personal use, Twitter Analytics can provide you with a lot of meaningful data to help you enhance and amplify your Twitter brand. But it can also be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t live and breathe analytics as a full-time job. Today, I’ll share which data I found most useful as I sought to explore how to make the most of my personal Twitter brand using data and analytics. You may find other metrics are more meaningful to you. For the purpose of this post, I lived in my Twitter analytics for an 18-day period to identify trends and takeaways that…

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Twitter-Google combination could spell trouble in 140 characters

While details of the plan to connect the Twitter firehose with Google are still emerging, it appears on the surface that it could have a significant impact on organizations in the middle of an online crisis.

Essentially, it appears tweets are now going to show up in Google whether someone is on Twitter or not. That means that anyone doing a routine Google search will now see damaging tweets, as opposed to only those folks who are actively following news on Twitter. Negative information would have shown up before, but it will be a lot more real-time under this arrangement and could potentially cause even greater reputational damage than in the past.

Here’s one illustration. Data breaches such as #AnthemHack, which trended strongly last week, would of course still…

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Big Data vs. Intuition in Business Decisions (Part 2)

This post was cowritten by our fall intern, Angela Martin.

The desire to make better decisions as quickly as possible has led to an even bigger push around data and analytics, specifically in making data-driven decisions. But does intuition still play a role? A review of recent commentary suggests there are strong arguments on both sides of the man vs. machine debate. Here are some of the advantages we discovered about intuition-driven decisions. Read our previous installment about the advantages of data-driven decisions.

Advantages of Intuition

1) More opportunity for creativity and curiosity

Data lacks the curiosity and creativity that is necessary in business. In fact, creative breakthroughs often come out of curiosity.

In Fortune article delving into the…

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