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Cleaning up with the Kardashians

As more companies, organizations and even government offices get into the social media act, we were given another reminder this week of why it’s important to have some safeguards in place to ensure your communications on social media are being handled thoughtfully and responsibly.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water learned this lesson the hard way when an intern posted a Tweet promoting the new “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” app where people can join Kardashian on their own Hollywood red carpet “adventure.” Perhaps the intern meant to use his or her personal Twitter account rather than the agency’s account, as it’s easy to forget to toggle back and forth. In any event, while the Tweet was taken down after about three hours, the buzz was already off…

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10-point checklist: live-tweeting for investor relations

Social media is definitely a hot topic in the investor relations community these days. Often, live-tweeting features prominently in these discussions – and there are many companies doing a great job with live-tweeting earnings calls, investor/analyst days, etc. But if you’ve never live-tweeted an event, it can be daunting, especially for investor relations professionals who are short-handed and worried about Reg FD, among other things.

With that in mind, here’s a quick 10-point checklist to guide you when live-tweeting for investor relations:

1) Choose your channel (but also cross-promote)

If you are live-tweeting, you don’t need to also post live updates to Facebook, for example, but you could let Facebook followers know that you are live-tweeting. Post a link…

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What the new Twitter profile means for investor relations

Earlier this week, Heather Smith highlighted five branding opportunities using the Twitter profile page redesign. As important as the redesign is for marketers, investor relations professionals also can leverage it to amplify their companies’ stories and shareholder messaging.

Pinned Tweets

My favorite feature of the new profile page is the pinned tweet – a favored tweet that a company can pin to the top of its profile page to ensure that it is the first tweet a visitor sees. For IROs, the pinned tweet is yet another venue for driving home your corporate strategy with the financial community.

For example:

  • Live tweeting your earnings call? Once the call concludes, review the tweets you pushed out and pin a key quote from your CEO or a tweet with a graphic…
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Five branding opportunities using the new Twitter profile

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed the new look and feel or at least heard about it. Unlike past updates, this one offers five great branding opportunities for businesses, with no additional cost. Here are five things you need to know about the recent updates to help your business stand out in the Twittersphere.

1) Create a visual ad with the new header

The most notable change to Twitter is the new header space on the profile page. The header is now sized significantly larger at 1500 x 500, expanding across the entire page. The maximum file size is now 5MB, lending an opportunity to create a really impactful visual. This incredible social media real estate allows brands to really showcase their business, personality and more.

Tip: Have an upcoming…

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Three tips for CEOs getting started on social media (which is inevitable)

To CEOs who aren’t yet posting on social media: You’re not alone. Fewer than 6 percent of CEOs in a recent study use Twitter and less than 8 percent use Facebook. Sure, 28 percent have LinkedIn accounts, but fewer than one in five of these super-networked people have over 500 connections. Signed up doesn’t mean participating.

Social media participation is inevitable among CEOs because, unless you’re about to retire, you’re increasingly going to be drawn to it by important stakeholders. For most of you, the challenge will be how to get started.  

Twitter is a great first step. It’s easy to do, doesn’t demand a huge time investment and can generate the immediate reactions that will reinforce the benefits of participation.

Finally, here’s a piece of advice from

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