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6 signs your company needs a social media playbook

D&E recently hosted a Brainfood session for clients and friends of the firm, part of our series of thought leadership sessions designed to share the latest and greatest thinking about emerging trends and issues facing communicators and marketers. The topic? Social media playbooks. About 25 professionals from organizations large and small, public and private, attended the event – and nearly 90% left the session agreeing that their company did, indeed, need a social media playbook.

Does your company need one too? Before deciding, consider what a social media playbook is. The way we see it, a playbook provides a detailed roadmap for how to tactically implement your company’s social media strategy. This ensures consistency across platforms (and accounts, for those…

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Communication innovations shape presidential campaign weaponry

At their most basic level, presidential campaigns are about one thing: communications.

Not the standard formula that involves the stand-up interview that leads to an article that leads to a vote. The communications strategies that campaigns develop every four years are far more dynamic, and far more desperate, than the standard fare. Equally as frenetic are the efforts of journalists and others who seek to chronicle every move and statement candidates make.

Just as the urgencies of war accelerate innovation in weapons development, the pressures of a presidential campaign act as a catalyst for communications change that affects us all.

Let’s look at a few moments in history:

September 26, 1960:  Massachusetts Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy and Republican Vice…

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#RaceTogether didn’t quite come together

Whatever you thought of Starbucks Corporation’s #RaceTogether campaign, most of us would agree that the concept behind it was admirable – to improve race relations in the United States by encouraging dialogue.

After the Rodney King riots, the Akron Beacon Journal won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, in part, by encouraging dialogue between the races. I was fortunate enough to play a role in that effort.

So I was disappointed when the Starbucks campaign was derailed within hours of launch, largely because of a flawed appreciation for how the campaign would play in the media.

When Starbucks launched #RaceTogether, it did a lot of things quite well. Its website featured a well-written message titled “What ‘Race Together’ Means for Starbucks Partners and…

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What do Tim Cook and LeBron James have in common?

Let’s say you’re a CEO and you wish to promote your company, your personal brand or, more altruistically, a cause. What do you do?

In years past, communicators would advise a number of options. One traditional approach: make a donation, issue a media release and call a press conference. Then ask your communication professionals to follow up with calls to reporters to attract further attention. If you were lucky, controversial or both, you got media coverage.

But that communications strategy is so “yesterday.” Today, you have more options. Write a blog post. Record and post a video. Or you can take the path Apple CEO Tim Cook and LeBron James both recently traversed with great skill to accomplish their objectives. First, leverage media relationships to write and…

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Media are covering the shale oil and gas industry, but is the industry talking to the media?

You could spend a good number of hours out of your day tracking coverage of the oil and gas industry. Trade media, bloggers, local, national and international media are examining the industry from any number of angles. More often than not, the industry’s viewpoint is not being communicated with the same energy, and the results are damaging the industry’s public perception.

It is difficult to digest all the media scrutiny. If you want a good daily roundup, check out the news aggregator,

But what is abundantly clear is that the coverage is commensurate with the impact the industry is having, from shifts in the global economy down to the tiniest of tremors registered in a small Ohio town. Coverage often reflects public concern, government…

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