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Communicating to employees about Ebola

Some clients have asked for our view of what they should be communicating to their employees regarding the Ebola situation in the wake of the news of the nurse who traveled to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport while apparently carrying the disease. Given that virtually all public health experts say there is an extremely remote chance of additional exposure or infections as a result of her visit here, our recommendation to clients is to take a reactive stance but be ready to refer employees to available online or other resources to answer their questions. If an organization instead wishes to proactively offer this information, we developed the below language to provide via email or employee intranet. For organizations that did have employees traveling on the…

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Employer branding at Starbucks – everyone wins

This post was cowritten by our summer intern, Samantha Tuly.

Starbucks recently announced the addition of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan to its already impressive portfolio of employee benefits. The partnership with Arizona State University will enable Starbucks employees to earn a bachelor’s degree for free through online courses.

It’s a brilliant PR move. Customers who have long loved Starbucks coffees, cappuccinos and iced mochas have the added bonus of knowing that their purchases are helping educate baristas throughout the country – some of whom are the first in their families to obtain a college degree. (Cue images of the American dream.)

But Starbucks knows that the new education plan is a strategic move for its employer brand and ultimately the…

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The War for Talent Is a Skills and a Communications Issue

The smoldering “War for Talent” within the manufacturing sector has evolved into a full-fledged conflict. And it promises to pinch manufacturers more keenly in the coming years.

A 2011 study from Deloitte Consulting and The Manufacturing Institute declared that the skills gap between what workers are trained to do and what manufacturers need them to do is hampering hiring, as well as the ability to innovate and grow. Adding to the problem, many manufacturers depended on outdated approaches for finding the right people. Deloitte predicted the skills gap to widen.

Eli Lilly Chairman, President and CEO John Lechleiter recently wrote in a post on that there are 600,000 vacant jobs within the manufacturing sector that could be filled today if educational…

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Who’s Shaping Your Organization’s Employer Brand?

Here’s a hint: It’s not your organization.

In the past, companies largely controlled how they were perceived as an employer through websites, videos, brochures and other materials and channels they created.

Now, the rise of sites like is shifting that balance of power and providing the troops with a very audible voice. Launched in 2008, Glassdoor enables current and former employees to rate organizations anonymously, list the pros and cons of employment and even rate the CEO. Such sites offer potential candidates an inside peek at your organization, and they continue to gain credibility and awareness.

Although you can’t completely control the conversation anymore, there are several steps you can take:

  1. Monitor what’s being said about your company…
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Employer branding – Are you helping employees connect to your brand?

As consumers, we’re all familiar with leading brands such as Apple, Google, IBM, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. These and other major corporations have long invested significant resources in building and marketing their iconic identities to consumers.

But the best brands understand that current and potential employees are also critical audiences. That’s why more and more organizations, from HR to the C-suite, are recognizing the importance of “employer branding” – translating their brand specifically for the employee audience and using compelling communications to help them connect to their brand.

A recent study tells us that more than 80 percent of global recruiting leaders say employer branding is a critical driver in hiring top talent. Websites, word of mouth and…

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