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Your Employer Brand: 4 Suggestions to Articulate It - Part 2 of 2

Your Employees and Potential Candidates Know It. Do You?

In an earlier post, I outlined five steps that organizations can take to identify their unique employer brand. In this post, I’ll discuss how to articulate that brand and communicate it consistently with both potential candidates and current employees.

Once you’ve collected insight into your employer brand, you’ll need to distill quite a bit of information and data into the essence of what it’s like to work for your organization. Here are four things to keep in mind:

  1. Include your communications, HR and marketing teams. Employer brands include internal and external audiences and cut across functions. You’ll need a cross-functional approach to create one.
  2. Make sure you can deliver on what you promise.
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Your Employer Brand: Identifying It in 5 Steps - Part 1 of 2

Finding and retaining the right talent is especially difficult in today’s tight labor market. A recent report from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) noted that late 2015 was the most difficult hiring period in four years. As organizations try to differentiate themselves, there is a greater focus on employer brand.

So, what exactly is an employer brand? Well, it’s not a foosball table in the lunch room or yoga classes before work. It’s also not a one-off recruiting campaign or employee-generated video. Check out Twitter’s spoof for a chuckle. An employer brand is the unique experience of working for an organization – its culture, benefits, leadership, typical employee attributes and various intangibles, all rolled into one.

And here’s the thing.…

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10 ways IROs can keep the internal lines of communication open, too

Investor relations professionals spend a good portion of their time communicating with external audiences – buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, sell-side analysts, retail investors, proxy advisory firms, media and more.  And rightly so, since they are tasked with telling their company’s investable story and managing relationships with the Street.  

At the same time, with the competition for capital increasing and activists becoming more numerous and aggressive, IROs are being additionally challenged to keep their key internal constituencies up to speed regarding investor engagement and sentiment. We are working with more and more of our clients to implement best practices for communicating with their internal audiences – particularly the senior management team…

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Communicating to employees about Ebola

Some clients have asked for our view of what they should be communicating to their employees regarding the Ebola situation in the wake of the news of the nurse who traveled to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport while apparently carrying the disease. Given that virtually all public health experts say there is an extremely remote chance of additional exposure or infections as a result of her visit here, our recommendation to clients is to take a reactive stance but be ready to refer employees to available online or other resources to answer their questions. If an organization instead wishes to proactively offer this information, we developed the below language to provide via email or employee intranet. For organizations that did have employees traveling on the…

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Employer branding at Starbucks – everyone wins

This post was cowritten by our summer intern, Samantha Tuly.

Starbucks recently announced the addition of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan to its already impressive portfolio of employee benefits. The partnership with Arizona State University will enable Starbucks employees to earn a bachelor’s degree for free through online courses.

It’s a brilliant PR move. Customers who have long loved Starbucks coffees, cappuccinos and iced mochas have the added bonus of knowing that their purchases are helping educate baristas throughout the country – some of whom are the first in their families to obtain a college degree. (Cue images of the American dream.)

But Starbucks knows that the new education plan is a strategic move for its employer brand and ultimately the…

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