#Greenblushing: Six symptoms, one solution

This post was cowritten by Stephanie Harig, Senior Account Executive.

We’ve defined greenblushing as “limited or no information disseminated by an organization so as to understate or ignore its commitment to, and actions on, environmental and social responsibility.” It typically afflicts companies that are addressing the Three Ps – People, Planet and Profit – but not communicating about their efforts.

In its simplest form, greenblushing is “walking the walk, but being too shy or unsure to talk the talk.” In our conversations with many proactive, successful companies, we’ve encountered six more-specific symptoms of greenblushing:

  • Assuming your annual (or biannual) sustainability/corporate social responsibility is enough
  • Telling only the stories you are asked…
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Paying Back the Past and Betting on the Future

A few weeks ago we announced that our president, Chas Withers, will succeed me as CEO in July.  After working on the succession for several years, our focus gradually narrowed to a moment in time. But shortly after the announcement I was surprised by how quickly that moment gave way to the full sweep of D&E’s history.  More on that in a minute.

Chas has steadily taken on elements of the role, and he’s already proven he can do the job.  I’ll continue to work full-time as executive chairman, spending more of my time partnering with clients.  It has all the hallmarks of a win-win-win, and for that I feel a lot of gratitude to a great many people.

First, to Chas, who’s been a good friend and partner since well before we set him on the succession track in 2008.  And to…

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What “Simultaneous” Really Means

Thanks to the Securities and Exhange Commission (SEC) and stock exchange requirements, investor relations officers are acutely aware of the need to issue material news, such as earnings, in a manner that all recipients receive simultaneously.  Prior to the SEC’s Regulation Fair Disclosure and before technology advancements, that used to be a lot easier given that newswire services were the main and reliable vehicle for distributing material news. 

Today, however, as Twitter recently learned when its first-quarter earnings announcement was released prematurely, even the briefest mishap can set off an unfortunate chain of unintended consequences in just a few seconds.

What can we learn from this?  For one thing, technology has become so sophisticated that once…

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4 Ways Analytics Can Improve Your Twitter Brand

Are you making the most of your personal social media brand?

An abbreviated version of this post appeared in the April 27 edition of PRNews. 

Do you use Twitter Analytics? You should. Whether for business or personal use, Twitter Analytics can provide you with a lot of meaningful data to help you enhance and amplify your Twitter brand. But it can also be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t live and breathe analytics as a full-time job. Today, I’ll share which data I found most useful as I sought to explore how to make the most of my personal Twitter brand using data and analytics. You may find other metrics are more meaningful to you. For the purpose of this post, I lived in my Twitter analytics for an 18-day period to identify trends and takeaways that…

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Decisive action prevents Zoo from being mauled in court of public opinion

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo acted quickly and decisively when a toddler fell into the cheetah exhibit over the weekend, allegedly dropped by his mother who was inexplicably dangling the child beyond the secure parameters of the exhibit’s enclosure. Once the child was recovered safely, Zoo officials quickly determined through eyewitness interviews that the mother ignored warning signs and put her child in danger, allegedly leading to the accident.

What makes this situation different than many is that Zoo officials chose to communicate their findings and intent to pursue criminal charges immediately so the media could include that important information, even in the first round of coverage. Without that decisive action, the media would have been left to speculate as to…

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